09 April 2009

How to remove the virus Vmx / worm conficker jwgkvsq.vmx and RECYCLER

virus Vmx / worm confickerYou found the file autorun.inf and RECYCLER folder on the USB flash?
Then see the file jwgkvsq.vmx in folder2 RECYCLER?

hahaha ... the worm conficker name (the name microsoft). victims of what I saw is directly FT UI Internet network, network Rectorate, pusgiwa network, network PKM, and I believe in out there more. please check the link below the map on the distribution conficker in the world.

This name is derived from some antivirus:

  • * W32/Confi
  • * W32/Conficker.worm! Inf
  • * Win32/Conficker.B - CA
  • * Worm: W32/Downadup.AL
  • * Net-Worm.Win32.Kido
  • * W32/Conficker.worm.gen
  • * Kido

* I own a nih vmx virus or virus conficker (although later I taw worm cm)

Dangerous, but the results of what I observed, conficker nyebelin bgd dah:

  • * Spreads via USB flash and a local computer network (shit! Kalo km and connected to LAN network in a PC that is infected. Seriously! Conficker spread through LAN.
  • * Spread easily from a USB flash autorun because the display is similar to the Open this folder to view files liat the image below
  • * Function disable hidden files
  • * No Detect most antivirus, because road service in svchost.exe
  • * Some time for conficker akan active to update themselves (WTF! This worm can update yourself), there is a PC saat2 mu akan lelet bgd because svchost.exe 99% CPU in the works
  • Svchost.exe * What is a 99% successful in the kill-proccess in the task manager, windows audio service stops and your PC sound card not working
  • * To block access to some important sites, eg, the address update antivirus
  • * Slow computer network so that Internet access in network very slow

How to detect:

  • * Check whether the show hidden files work
  • * Open regedit, search ". Vmx" I have the results then you are lucky (have conficker ^ ^)
  • * Count the number of service svchost.exe is running in taskman, normally 6 on windows xp. more than that means .... (congratz, u have conficker inside)
  • Or at previus post i have write Infected Virus Conficker / Kido : Computer Test

How to remove:


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